Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Paul's Commission

This is my first sketch in pencil and there are some things to note:
-we'll develop the tractor details as we go, you can fill me in on round fenders vs. square, badging, your dad, etc.
-are all the elements included? tractor, dad, cows, field, tree, fence, blue sky vs. cloudy sky
-season of the year
-size of the painting, 16x20
-acrylic on canvas
-price, $200.00

At this initial stage let's begin to work out the details for my next sketch, am I developing a composition that is pleasing to you, feel free to tell me you want a round bale in the distance (for example)  or a barbed wire fence,  or your dad to be wearing his blue work shirt and red hat.

Talk to you before long.