Tuesday, May 19, 2009

5-18-09 "The Old Rail Fence"

The painting above is the finished product and the one below was the first version. I liked the beef cattle in the first design but I couldn't get the barns, cattle, and grass to all come together in one nice painting. So--Scrap It!!!! And start over. I like the rich colors of fall in the finished painting. It was worth the extra effort.

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The Coons said...

yes, I like the finished one A LOT! Love the reds and browns. The cows ideas is nice, too. Maybe if you put them further down in the foreground...closer to the bottom right corner so the middle of the painting doesn't look so cramped.

(And yes, I realize I am not a certified art critique, that was just my very first thought when I saw the painting and guessed I would share it with you in the hopes that you could make the cows work! In reality I am just a bossy eldest child! It's true...I can admit it!) ;-)