Saturday, August 8, 2015

8-68-15 Work in Progress

As you look at these three photo's you can see the progress that has been made as I build one wash upon another. The style that I will maintain in this work is called 'painterly', in other words there will be plenty of brush strokes visible and a loose style with the paint as apposed to a realistic approach. The presence of the barn and foreground is so strong that I planned on the sky being large yet clearly not competing for attention. One of the first design elements that has become clear is the angle of the road being mirrored in the large cloud that has extended off the canvas, the purpose of this is to keep the eye traveling back to the barn, the central focus point. There are elements that I'm still working on such as the large mass at the farthest point on the horizon, the color of the road, the color of the barn in general. I haven't even come close to finishing the foreground.

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